Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stay Thirsty, My Friends

He once crawled up a flight of stairs with alarming speed.  And promptly dove back down with even more alarming speed.

He can spot a millimeter square bit of carpet-colored Lego at fifty feet.  Through walls.

When he blows raspberries at strangers, they ask him to tell them more.

He can call eagles.  And dolphins.  And ducks.

He spurns any endeavor that doesn't involve risk of choking, strangulation, or electric shock.  Danger has begged him, "Please, stop laughing at me."

He loves the night life.  And the night light.

He has reconfigured his daddy's sound system, unlocked the secrets of the iPad's lesser-known features to his mommy, and taught the dog to drink his water midair as it's being flung from the dog bowl.

He is...the most interesting toddler in the world.

I don't always drink milk, but when I do, I prefer organic.

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